Pooja Singhal, Pichvai Tradition, Chennai

Client: Prakriti Foundation, Chennai, India

December 2011

A pichwai is a textile hung behind the main deity in a temple or shrine and is most often a painted textile. They generally depict Shrinathji (a form of Lord Krishna) and change according to the seasons, festivals, and daily routine of the deity as specified in the sect’s practices, and are most popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Our role

We have been hired to coordinate, curate and implement an exhibition of the most spectacular pichwais from around the world. The exhibition will include hitherto unseen textiles from government and other museums, and private collections from across the world. It will examine aspects of pichwais that are currently unexplored and will be accompanied by cultural shows and other events. The show will travel to at least four international venues over the course of a year.