Churchill’s Dark Side: Six Questions for Madhusree Mukerjee

Madhusree Mukerjee, (photo by Dave Freda)

Have you read the new book by Madhusree Mukerjee called ‘Churchill’s Secret War’? This article in Harper’s Magazine asks her six questions about her research and the book that it led to, chronicling Churchill’s attitudes toward India and the stesps that he took during WWII, which contributed to the Bengal famine of  1943, for which terrible is an understatement. The author is a former editor at Scientific Americal and the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship. That the book is a ‘bombshell’ is also an understatement – it’s drawn both bouquets and brickbats in plenty, and proposes extremely uncomfortable truths. If you’ve read the book, do discuss your thoughts – is it hard to have to consider that such a respected man could also potentially be so reviled? You can read the Harper’s Magazine article here and tell us what you think too.

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