Splendour of Silver

Client: Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur, India

11 sg nDoors to the  Silver Gallery titled ‘Splendour of Silver’ have been thrown open at Amar Mahal at Udaipur’s City palace complex by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar on 3rd March 2013.

Silver has long held a cherished place for people across India. Indian silver is remarkable for its limitless forms, noted for its technical perfection and characterised by its varied use. The artists who produced these beautiful items for royal and ritual use have largely remained nameless. Produced for gods and rulers, the act of creation was considered a form of obeisance and the objects themselves remain the only and perhaps the most telling witness to their skill.

The collection displayed at Amar Mahal represents a cross section of silver artefacts from the royal House of Mewar and the Shri Eklingji Trust, ranging from objects like the grand wedding mandap to items of ritual use and royal transport. Several unique items such as the Ram Rewari, and religious items from the collection are shown here for the first time.

Indian rulers also treasured beautiful silver crafted abroad and the carriage is a fine example of their informed patronage of European crafts of the 20th century. These include a 1939 custom-made Silver Buggy from Birmingham, part of the current monarch’s late mother Rani Shilakumariji’s dowry.

Horses are intrinsic to the warrior Rajput’s way of life. In addition to being modes of transport, they were trusted and hardy battle companions, and quite often, a Rajput’s life was literally dependent upon his steed. Their natural appearance and qualities were enhanced by using richly ornamented horse tack (the equipment such as saddles, bridles and others that allow a horse to be ridden) and draping them with fine fabrics, which additionally emphasized the importance of their rider, and lent splendor to the occasion.

To see the online exhibition celebrating the splendour of silver click here .

To watch the inauguration ceremony click here.

Our Role

The collection has been curated by Eka.



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