The Mughals: Life, Art And Culture

The exhibition, which spans Mughal rule in India from the 16th century to the mid-19th century, is divided into thematic sections. Starting with an introduction to the emperors, from Babur to Bahadur Shah, it moves on to showcase elements such as court life and how the empire was administered under the Mughals, and the achievements in painting, poetry, religion and science during this time. The last section looks at the resurgence of painting in India in the late 19th century and the advent of the era of photography. Read more

The Mughals: Life, Art And Culture is on from 10.30am-6.30pm till 31 December at the Twin Art Gallery, IGNCA, CV Mess, Janpath, Delhi. The talks are scheduled for 5.30pm on 22, 23, 27 and 29 November.

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