Retrospective on Ramkinkar Baij


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When called on to explain his art, Ramkinkar Baij would say that he rode two horses — painting and sculpture. He forgot to mention a third horse, theatre, whose massive backdrops were Baij’s earliest canvases, and the passionate relationship he had with the stage as an actor, singer and director. Against the halo of his sculptures and paintings, the artist’s stage presence slipped into shadow. It is thus fitting that a forthcoming event explores Baij as a sculptor, painter, scenographer, singer and theatre artiste through physical performances ranging from acting to acrobatics. 409 Ramkinkars derives its title from 400 sculptures of Baij and the nine letters of his first name and will be held at IGNCA from March 24 to April 2.

409 Ramkinkars has been laid out as a promenade theatre piece in which audiences will walk among live action at the IGNCA lawns, Twin Art Galleries, amphitheater and Mati Ghar. People who have known Baij only through his art can now experience his life by visiting a representation of his studio, watching a play on him and interacting with the characters and events that shaped his era. Click here to read more…

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