The Art of Heritage Group, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: The Al Nahda Charity, KSA

The Art of Heritage Group (AHG) holds one of the largest collections of clothing and textiles from KSA in Riyadh. The AHG, previously The Heritage Centre houses a vast collection of traditional textiles, garments, carpets, jewellery, artefacts, doors and other material objects important to the culture, tradition, heritage and history of the KSA.

AHG’s larger objective is to preserve and protect Saudi heritage and to disseminate information on its rich and diverse culture and traditions, both within the KSA and to the outside world.

As a preliminary step towards this goal, Eka was invited to first advise, plan and implement the documentation of the collection to record the collection thoroughly and help ascertain its scale before moving on to curating it. Eka has currently completed the cataloguing of the collection in this phase of work and is soon going to embark on storage planning and conservation of the collection.

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