Vanicka Arora

Vanicka Arora is a conservation architect by training, and has been working as an independent practitioner in the field of disaster risk management for cultural heritage since 2012. She is currently a consultant at the National Disaster Management Authority where she is working on National Disaster Management Guidelines for museums and cultural heritage sites and precincts. Since 2006, Arora has been associated with the Development and Research Organisation for Nature, Arts and Heritage (DRONAH). At DRONAH, she has worked on several conservation management plans for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as obscure heritage sites and precincts, urban revitalization strategies, and museum planning. She is also the assistant editor for DRONAH’s annual refereed journal, Context: Built, Living and Natural.
Vanicka is the co-author of Living Heritage of Mewar (with Shikha Jain) and Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage in Urban Areas: A Training Guide (with Rohit Jigyasu) and has also published several papers in refereed journals. She has involved in developing teaching methods for disaster risk reduction for cultural heritage and organized various training workshops for professionals in her field. She is an adjunct faculty member with the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University, where she takes introductory courses on documentation and research methods and conservation.

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