Tanvi Misra

Tanvi Misra is a commercial and intellectual property lawyer currently working in the chambers of Mr. Akhil Sibal (Senior Advocate) and is a former employee of Anand and Anand. She has developed expertise in copyright laws by the regular representation of the creative industries in various fora including courts for over 7 years. She has extensively researched the evolution of copyright law in India i.e. from imperial times to its present-day form along with the international conventions. She has been responsible for researching and drafting copyright lawsuits and has undertaken regular advisory work for protection and enforcement of rights (including moral rights) of the creative industry including advising on contractual issues and drafting assignment and license agreements. She has worked closely with collective management organizations in the music industry for underlying works, sound recordings and neighboring rights like performer’s rights. She has worked extensively in the book publishing industry on contractual aspects, litigation and has also undertaken several libel and defamation reads. For the applied arts sector, she has studied the nuances of the overlap of copyright with design rights and the legislative progression of such rights in other countries and has been a part of the team challenging the constitutional vires of the provision in the Indian Copyright Act that limits copyright protection for the applied arts industry.
She has published articles in legal journals like Asia IP and World Trademark Review and contributed chapters to books on copyright such as Copyright Litigation – Jurisdictional comparisons: Thomson Reuters (Second edition 2015) (Third Edition 2016) Getting The Deal Through (2015).

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