Bastion Bungalow Museum, Fort Kochi, Kerala

CLIENT: Department of Archaeology, Government of Kerala

July 2018 – Ongoing

Bastion Bungalow, situated inside Fort Kochi, is one of the oldest Dutch heritage sites in India. Built by the Dutch in 1663, it was built as a part of Fort Immanuel, but later on though the Fort was destroyed by the British, the Bungalow remained intact.
The 355 year old bungalow was recently declared a District Heritage Museum by the Kerala Government and plans are afoot to upgrade into a world class Heritage Museum.
Eka is advising the Department of Archaeology, Government of Kerala in setting up of the Museum. We are providing a range of curatorial services from Design and Layout of the Galleries, Text Content, Signage, Disaster Management, Conservation of Objects, and Interactive Display Strategies.

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