PRA – KASHI: Silk, Gold & Silver from the City of Light

CLIENT: Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi

At the National Museum, New Delhi, 10th September – 8th October 2019

Pra – Kashi: Silk, Gold & Silver from the City of Light” was an exhibition of textiles showcasing the finest traditions of contemporary weaving at the National Museum, New Delhi. These textiles have been hand-woven on traditional Indian drawlooms over the last 25 years at ASHA, a silk weaving workshop at Varanasi.

The exhibition showcased the greatest range and output of the workshop through varied technical aspects that capture a discernible shift in pattern and material across their full range and explain the story of the finest Indian textiles produced at Varanasi. To situate the textiles within the milieu of luxury arts in which they were traditionally created, they were juxtaposed with historic textiles, miniature paintings, jewelry and decorative arts from the collection of the National Museum.


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