CLIENT: DAG, New Delhi

2009 – Ongoing

Eka has been in engagement with DAG since 2009 when DAG invited Eka to document the Nemai Ghosh archive to make it more accessible for research and to open up for discussion its manifold facets.

In 2013, the first exhibition from this collection was held. Titled ‘Nemai Ghosh: Satyajit Ray and Beyond’ and curated by Pramod Kumar KG, the exhibition invited visitors to look at never-seen-before images from the Nemai Ghosh Archive.

In Phase-III, Eka completed working on the theatre and stage photography of Nemai Ghosh. Taken from the early 70s to mid-2000, this collection is a visual documentation of some of the most noteworthy as well obscure gems from the field of drama.

In our latest engagement with DAG, Eka is assessing the current archival systems in place and will be recommending creating a robust archival platform for the future.

For more information on DAG visit http://dagworld.com/

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