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Satish Gujral: A Brush with Life

Client: The Gujral Foundation, New Delhi January 20th – 21st February 2016 Marking Satish Gujral’s 90th birthday this year, the exhibition paid homage to one of India’s most celebrated artists, and provided a rare opportunity for a closer look at the breadth of Gujral’s work, as well as a deeper understanding of the man behind […]

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Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal, Udaipur

A pioneering cultural institution of Udaipur, the Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal preserves and celebrates the folk traditions of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Established in 1952, the institution’s mandate is to propagate folk dances, literature and other arts.

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Delhi Art Gallery / DAG Modern

The Nemai Ghosh Photography archive, is a staggering compendium of more than a lakh and fifty thousand images, shot in analogue by the iconic photographer-artist, Nemai Ghosh. It holds rare and compelling images related to Satyajit Ray and other directors/personalities, theatre and performance shots, documentation of tribes from Bastar, Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh.

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Juna Mahal Palace & Fort Complex, Dungarpur, Rajasthan

The construction of the Juna Mahal Palace was done under Rawal Veer Singh Deo and the palace later replaced the capital of the Dungarpur State. The palace also represents the artistic design, architectural planning and construction techniques of Rajput forts.

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Lalbhai Collection, Ahmedabad

The Sanjay & Jayashree Lalbhai Collection is a private collection of historic artifacts. Eka has documented and catalogued this collection of miniature paintings, sculptures and modern and contemporary Indian art.

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Amrapali Jewels, Jaipur

Amrapali Jewels was founded in 1978 by Mr. Rajiv Arora and Mr. Rajesh Ajmera. The brand encapsulates the vibrant culture and rich heritage of India. With the goal of reviving and re introducing India’s traditional jewellery on a global scale, the founders began their journey in the most remote and rural parts of India.

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A peek into a legend’s life

Celebrating the 90th birthday of the legendary artist Satish Gujral in a monumental new show at the IGNCA, New Delhi. Curated by Pramod Kumar KG

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Painting & Photography Gallery – City Palace Museum, Jaipur

Permanent Gallery for Paintings & Photography @ City Palace Museum Jaipur – 27th Sept. 2015

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Ashoka in Ancient India

A study looks at Ashoka’s extant, physical heritage and celebrates his ideals as essential to the idea of India.

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Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2015, Bhutan 

mountain echoes

Bhutan to host 6th edition of literature festival.

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Culture cannot be a punishment posting


Pramod Kumar K.G. talks about the tragedy of Indian museums and what can make a change.

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Watching Them Turn Off the Rothkos


The Rothkos are the series of murals that Mark Rothko painted, presently displayed at the Harvard Art’s Museum.

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Groundbreaking innovation for Archaeologist’s


Portable carbon-dating device to revolutionise field archaeology.

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Retrospective on Ramkinkar Baij



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In Malik Ayaz’s Dreams


A marvelous account of the early firangis who turned Indian is a salad of identities and a mirror of Indianness.

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