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Painting & Photography Gallery – City Palace Museum, Jaipur

Permanent Gallery for Paintings & Photography @ City Palace Museum Jaipur – 27th Sept. 2015

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Ashoka in Ancient India

A study looks at Ashoka’s extant, physical heritage and celebrates his ideals as essential to the idea of India.

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Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2015, Bhutan 

mountain echoes

Bhutan to host 6th edition of literature festival.

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Watching Them Turn Off the Rothkos


The Rothkos are the series of murals that Mark Rothko painted, presently displayed at the Harvard Art’s Museum.

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Groundbreaking innovation for Archaeologist’s


Portable carbon-dating device to revolutionise field archaeology.

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Retrospective on Ramkinkar Baij



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In Malik Ayaz’s Dreams


A marvelous account of the early firangis who turned Indian is a salad of identities and a mirror of Indianness.

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Egyptian Museum to launch new conservation database


Museum staff to document each change.

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Barbican Centre in London puts artists’ personal collections on show

Artist collection

Major exhibition in the UK of the personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists.

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Read Between the Lines


Design interventions.

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Name Dropping


India’s foremost contemporary art prize takes a break

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The first world war and the colour of memory

Main atrium of the Imperial War Museum

Eurocentric views of the conflict ignore the millions of people from across the globe who fought on the same side.

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An Indian Sculptor With Monumental Ambition


Ram V. Sutar is a leading contender for the commission to produce the world’s largest statue.

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The Royal Childhood exhibition


British royal childhood memories go on show.

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Art Matters: The Passionate Eye

A Passinate Eye (2)

The exhibition, titled ‘A Passionate Eye’ featured on NDTV 24×7

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