The Bicentennial Dickens

2012 marks the 200th birth anniversary of Charles Dickens. While the world is gearing up to commemorate this celebrated writer through various events and activities, Eka decided to find out more. The first on list are publications. A book containing several 19th century photographs and titled Dickens’s Victorian London looks promising. The World of Charles Dickens by Stephen Browning takes the reader on a literary adventure throughout Britain, with over 200 photographs, shot exclusively for the book. Then there are cinematic productions. Director Mike Newell is all slated to remake the celebrated Dickens classic Great Expectations as a thriller with a rewritten ending. Dickens, the prime exponent of serialized Victorian fiction writing, is perhaps one of the most widely read novelist across the globe. Intermittent cliffhangers, employed originally as a literally tool to hold the reader’s attention, became a signature style of his writing. We wish him a Happy Birthday and hope that ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come haunt us forever.

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