Rezwan Razack’s Museum of Indian Paper Currency, Bengaluru

CLIENT: Mr. Rezwan Razack

Location: Prestige Falcon Towers, 19, Brunton Road, Bangalore 560025


Mr. Rezwan Razack, the world’s leading collector of Indian Paper Money unveiled his extraordinary collection in his private museum on 15 February 2020. Inaugurated by the former RBI Governor, Dr. C. Rangarajan this museum is his legacy to showcase the rich history of India’s journey in paper currency.
Mr. Razack has spent the past 50 years putting together a collection of Indian currency notes and documenting it, through rigorous research, the rich history of paper currency in the subcontinent.
For over 2.6 years Eka along with a team of International experts was involved in an advisory capacity in the setting up of this Museum.

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